The Website Design Fee is composed of two separate parts:
  • Initial Fee
  • Remaining Design Fee


Initial Fee

$200 The Initial Fee is due before we begin the design process, and is not applied to the Remaining Design Fee. This fee is waived for clients returning for a redesign.


Remaining Design Fee

  Per page Total
1st page $100 $100
2nd page $90 $190
3rd page $80 $270
4th page $70 $340
5th page $60 $400
6th page $50 $450
7th page $40 $490
8th page $30 $520
9th page $20 $540
10th page $10 $550
* Sites for Businesses/Shows + $200

The Remaining Design Fee is calculated on a per-page sliding scale (meaning the more pages you add, the less each additional page costs). Click on the +/- links above to calculate the fee for the number of pages you desire.


Additional Services

Video or audio clips
(excluding YouTube clips)
$15 per clip
Give each page a unique look
with a different layout
$10 per additional page
If you work best face-to-face,
we'll work together on your design
at my place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
$50 per hour
Make your site more mobile-friendly
with a special layout optimized to
the specifications of cellphone-viewing
$50 + $10 per page
Get a photo shoot with Billy B Photography specifically for web-use
to integrate into the design



I'm excited to offer this new deal. I call it "ExpressLINE." It's your whole website design for $495.


How it works...

  • We'll create the whole site within one week's time. You'll select the week during which we'll commit to crafting your new website. I'll promise to promply build the design and implement your changes quickly, and you'll promise to reply same-day with your feedback.

  • I only require that you have all the materials to me by the beginning of that week and that you purchase a new hosting package through my affiliate link. (Because the webhost pays me commission for the referral, I am able to apply that savings to the overall cost to save you money!)

To start the process, e-mail me at to inquire about available dates.


The Fine Print

  • New clients only. While this deal is not available to returning customers, my existing clients always get a $200 discount on a website redesign.

  • This offer does not include a responsive mobile site. However a responsive site is available for an additional $100.

  • In the unlikely case that an excessive number of revisions requires us to go beyond the one-week mark, rates may revert back to the standard design rate.

  • Online payment required through PayPal or Venmo.

Regardless of which package you choose, I am happy to help you keep your website up to date and current once the site is complete. I offer an affordable way to update...

Updates that only require editing
HTML text of a page
Updates that require creating or altering images or flash files

Just email me at with anything you want added or changed.

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