The idea of starting a website can be an intimidating prospect for many, but that's why I'm here! I've created a process that's as easy and painless as possible. And if you have any questions, I'm just an email away at


What's the process like?
Here's how you can expect the process to work...
  • Get in touch:
    Contact me at & I'll send you a Design Questionnaire with questions about any specifics that you envision for your website (pages, colors, aesthetic, etc).

  • Homepage Design:
    Once you have submited the Initial Fee & Design Questionnaire, I will create a first draft of the homepage design & send you an email with that link. You'll send me your feedback and we'll make the necessary adjustments until we're perfectly happy with the look of the homepage.

  • Page Layout for the Remaining Pages:
    After you've signed off on the homepage, I'll use that as the base for the design of the rest of the website. I'll design the layout for the remaining pages and email a link to you to the first of those page. We'll tweek that layout as you see fit and then you'll sign off one last time.

  • Complete Construction:
    I'll use that layout to build the rest of the pages of the website, and email you links to all of those pages. You can send me any edits for those pages and once you're happy with everything, I'll send you the final design invoice.

  • Website Launch:
    Once final payment is received, I'll activate the links on the homepage and launch your new website.

How can I keep my website updated?

Because all of my websites are custom-designed and hand-coded, I do not use templates that allow you to update the website yourself. However, I am committed to helping you keep your website up-to-date. Text updates are FREE and changes to images and/or Flash are charged by-the-clock. (Most are around $20 while more extensive changes can cost more depending upon how long they take to complete.)

Whenever you'd like your website updated, simply email me at and I'll make those changes right away.

Will my site be mobile-compatible?

Absolutely! These days, much of your website traffic will be from visitors on mobile devices. And while I often use Flash in my designs, these elements will always be backed up by a static image equivalent making your site accessible on all iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices.

I also offer a Responsive Design, which detects when your site is being accessed from a mobile devices and redirects the visitor to a page that is designed with your cellphone's specifications in mind, from display size to image compression to user experience. And with the 2015 changes to Google's mobile search criteria, a "responsive" design will ensure that your site gets optimal exposure.

How long does the process take?

I strive to complete your website is a timely fashion! But every website is different. Much of it depends on how complex your site is, how many revisions are required, and how quickly feedback is received. In many cases, if you respond quickly with your thoughts, we can complete your website in 1-2 weeks or less. If you peruse my Facebook reviews, you'll find many comments about my speedy responses. However, in the rare case where my emails go unanswered for weeks or months at a time, you'll be notified that the project will be closed and the Initial Fee will need to be resubmitted to reopen the project.

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